Mucciaccia Contemporary is the new space of Giulia Abate and Giuliana Gamba, dedicated entirely to contemporary art. In the wake of tradition, which saw the first Mucciaccia Gallery opening in 2006, and subsequently the galleries in Singapore and London, Mucciaccia Contemporary was born with the aim of supporting and promoting a new generation of national and international artists, whose works give momentum to young and passionate collecting.

The gallery is comprised of two floors and is approximately 1292ft2, an essential space suitable for accommodating all types of art forms. The activity is in continuity with the work carried out by the Mucciaccia Gallery, valuing promotion and cultural enhancement, which act as a common thread. Mucciaccia Contemporary was born from the desire to give a voice to young and unprecedented artistic forms, thus changing the approach of cultural strategy, and focused on the freshness that these talents will help us discover.

Other objectives of the gallery are to give young curators the opportunity to be heard as well as to draw the attention of a broad and cosmopolitan audience. The activity will range between curating exhibitions and participating in national and international exhibitions, so as to have a broader approach to the state of the art, with the aim of becoming a reference point for anyone who wants to stay updated on the status of emerging contemporary art.

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