Ingiustificato Ingigantimento di un distacco minimo di tufo (2018) is a site specific installation by Nicole Voltan. Ten geometrical shapes made with tuffs, cotton threads and needles, are proportionately floating along the space thanks to the dynamic equilibrium. The artist in a single installation reunites various creative levels which characterize her artistic research: earth, sky and life.

The link with the sky, which is seen by the artist as the container of dreams and light, represents the mystery of the gravitational force, while the tuff is a material used from ancient times, so it recalls the memory of the past and the element of the earth. The component referring to the artist’s conception of life is in the word ‘unjustified’, which expresses the most irrational side of our existence.
All the dimensions are internalized by the artist, in order to reveal the hidden mechanism of life, giving back to the spectator the representation of the tension which arise when a piece of an object detaches itself, the invisible force which makes its tendency to remain in its original position.

Nicole Voltan was born in Mestre (Venice) in 1984; she studied and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She currently lives and works in Rome.

Her first personal exhibition entitled Nel segreto di una was held in Milan in 2007 at the Bertold Brecht cultural club. Subsequently, in 2011 she made her debut in Rome exhibiting at the Sistema Entropia exhibition at the Whitecubealpigneto Gallery, now named La Stellina Arte Contemporanea, on the occasion of the X Photography Festival promoted by Macro Testaccio of Rome.

In 2013, again at La Stellina Arte Contemporanea, she held her second solo exhibition entitled 88 Trame. More recently, in October 2016 she participated in the Rome Art Week event, with the Exalt the Past Survive the Future exhibition, held at her studio in the Pigneto neighborhood of Rome.

Among her group exhibitions, noted are Art più business uguale Love at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona and Intreccio at Rocca di Umbertide in Perugia both held in 2017. She also participated in Gas Stelle e led: José Angelino e Nicole Voltan, held at the Museo Nuova Era in Bari in 2014.

She has worked on two permanent installations, Muri Dipinti, at Gavazzana in the province of Alessandria and Dare senso ai luoghi, SAC Mari among the walls, the result of an artistic residence at Mola di Bari, promoted by the Pino Pascali Foundation.

In 2017 her exhibition entitled Piano Cielo / Piano Terra was the result of a site-specific project curated by Gianluca Marziani at the Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery. Nicole Voltan's art also has a performance aspect: in 2018 the performance Fields of Attractions was held with the theme of separation and fear of detachment. In 2018, she won the Inside Art special award, in the painting section and exhibited the winning work at the Macro Testaccio in Rome.

Her works are the result of an intense dialogue between art and science, which find an outlet in the various artistic techniques she uses, such as painting, drawing, site-specific installation and sculpture. Nicole Voltan observes the macro dimensions, producing branched analyses, following an aesthetic of rarefied beauty, along heterogeneous solutions that include discipline, meticulous talent, physical control of the method and visionary sublimation. Her scientific aptitude is inspired by nature which is analyzed microscopically and whose detail is amplified through a profound methodological study.