In the painting US Presidents (2018) patterns and colors even if apparently simplistic, fully express the minimalist style of the artist. Furthermore, the dark tones, says the artist, are very current since they recall the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, but they have an even deeper meaning in the artist’s viewpoint: the artist, being originally Palestinian, have experienced on his skin what is it like to be emarginated, he knows the frustration of feeling out of place, not integrated with the others, so he expresses this in the discordant and uncertain lines and shapes in is paintings. The message behind this artwork is almost a stifled scream, a protest sedated and silenced, a fading letter in a world in which words are not enough for exposing the dramatic situation they live every day.


Daniel Jouseff was born in 1975 in Växjö (Sweden) and lives and works in Stockholm.


His artistic inspiration is inspired from the great masters of the twentieth century, such as Pablo Picasso, Martin Kippenberger and Sigmar Polke. Son of Palestinian parents, who then moved to Sweden, he feels the importance of his cultural heritage, to the point of bringing it with him and weaving it continuously into his work. "Crossing a border - recounts Daniel Jouseff - is full of events and impressions: showing your passport, seeing a flag, crossing a border, moving from one house to another."

Along with the reflection on identity research and geographical transience, there is also that of social rules: from here the drawings and canvases are born, executed freely and instinctively, whose poetics without rules express the desire not to submit to any artistic subordination.

All the artistic works of Daniel Jouseff express the will to recount of the passage across a border and a territory. According to his personal reflection on the iconography of the flag, the FLAGS series was born, the result of a continuous and complex process, which has always followed his artistic production and which leads him to a careful interpretation of the themes of origin and belonging.

The artistic research of Daniel Jouseff is characterized by the contamination of performances and site-specific installations: in 2016 Transition was held, as well as the performances of The Great white shark in Lydmar (Stockholm). In 2017 the FLAGS exhibition was held at Studio Rei in Lydmar and that same year he participated in the Sah A-Nom / Good Morning exhibition at the Konstnärsbaren in Stockholm and Flaggor över gränserna / Flags over borders at the Bar Brillo in the same city.

He took part in the collective exhibition Kaplan Art Expo, and finally in 2017 he exhibited at the international art fair, Pop Austin International Art Show in Texas. In March 2018 he held his first solo show in Italy, entitled FLAGS, curated by Louise Hamilton, at the Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery. Among the projects under development to mention are Dialogues Lennart Nilsson and Daniel Jouseff, an exhibition in dialogic form between the photography of Lennart Nilsson and the pictorial-sculptural installations by Daniel Jouseff.