Charlie Davoli sees photography in a peculiar way, as a joyful mean for ironizing on reality. Basing on this concept he gives birth to all his productions, and the visual paradoxes which strikes our conception of nature and the normal laws of physics. In both these artworks the carousel is represented in a surreal context, so that they lose their common-sense meaning, and they become free visual interpretations. The scenes are ruled by a rhythmical color disposition which is aiming at capturing the spectator’s imagination, which is actively involved.
Using the technique of the visual overlaps, the artists creates some anomalies and disorders which alter the normal viewing of the images, in order to arouse the spectator’s conscience. The creative philosophy behind Davoli’s works is indeed the visual dissonance, the formal anomaly which represents an element of visual disorder inside a composition. Another compelling element of his works is the bond between titles and images, which are linked by a synesthetic game in which the sensorial spheres are associated up to the point where they contaminate each other.

Charlie Davoli, Riccardo Schirinzi's alter ego, was born in Singapore in 1976 and lives and works in Casarano (Lecce). In 2012 he started taking pictures with an iPhone, recreating paradoxical visual situations, thus acquiring a language which developed the experimentation of the photographic instrument, whose soul is in the creation of fantastic atmospheres and disconnected from reality. Initially using Instagram as his favorite means of communication, from which the I-Phone series (2012-2016), Phase in to the life (2015), and The Photoshop series (2016) were born. He then moved on to the use of the camera, which he still prefers today; creating an immense archive of images that involve the observer in subtle interferences of universal geometries and deceptive perspectives.

His training as a musician, which saw him a member of the Studio Davoli band until 2006, remains a constant source of inspiration. Borrowing the element of dissonance from the musical lexicon, it becomes the starting point of his vision: in the balanced juxtaposition of visual compositions the dissonant element of the visual paradox magnetizes the spectator into alienating realities.

Charlie Davoli's photographic work has affinities with the photographic Narrative Art movement of the 1970s, in which visual narration is compressed into a single frame and completed with titles, giving the viewer the correct input to suggest an infinite number of experiences. In the same way Charlie Davoli, who considers photography as a playful means with which to ironize reality, brings out the narrative element, leading the viewer towards new itineraries and distancing them from the banal and obsessive repetition of reality.

Charlie Davoli collaborated with the National Museum of Capodimonte and in 2018 the personal Retrospettive del Domani (2018) was held at the Festival di Fotografia Europea of Reggio Emilia. He also participated in the following exhibitions: No Photo - Photography at Paratissima (2018), DigitalArt Factory (2018), Paratissima Talents  (2019) and Artworks#3 Errare Luca Abbadati | Charlie Davoli  (2019). In 2019 he participated in the collective Rewind Forward and Sum Art both held at Mucciaccia Contemporary in Rome.