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Ria Lussi - fragïle. Mostra dal 1 dicembre 2017, Galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary.


Ria Lussi, Who am I? Am I You?, neon and plexiglass, 75x105x10 cm


Ria Lussi, Ies Ai Dù, ink on silk, 86x47 cm

ria lussi | FRAGILE

curated by Gianluca Marziani


Mucciaccia Contemporary inaugurates on Friday 1st December 2017, at 6.30pm, the Ria Lussi solo exhibition entitled Fragile.

What comes to mind when we think of the word "fragile"? Starting from this question the artist initiates a reflection on fragility as an intrinsically human feature. Through the metaphoric use of all fragile materials, resistant and luminous, the artist expresses a whole cosmogony of susceptible and metamorphic beings, which represent the full range of human emotions.

Open until 9th of December, it is an exhibition where the observer becomes one with the observed, a way of sharing the existential condition in which find ourselves, at the same time both fragile and resistant.

The materials used by the artist for the exhibited works (20) are: glass, neon, and silk. All require care and control, intimating the need to be treated with delicacy, or indeed with a gesture of affection.  

For the neon and Murano glass works, Ria Lussi availed herself of the excellence of Italian craftsmen in creating unique pieces of rare value.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue (Cambi Editore).

Rome, November 2017



ria lussi | FRAGILE

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