Ria Lussi

Ria Lussi, La Logica, 2018, ink on silk, 200x112 cm

Ria Lussi, Enigmatic Portrait, 2016, ink on silk, 60x60 cm

Ria Lussi, A Rebours, 2018, ink on silk, 66x66 cm

Ria Lussi, Lo spirito di Maria, 2016, neon on plexiglass, 60x48x10 cm

Ria Lussi, Lo spirito di Maria, 2016, neon on plexiglass, 60x48x10 cm

Ria Lussi, Lo spirito di Maria, 2016, neon on plexiglass, 60x48x10 cm

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Born in Milan, Ria Lussi’s artistic training crosses both boarders and media; she studied painting in Paris, visual design in Urbino, and poetic translation in Trieste. She currently lives and works in Rome.

Among her exhibitions: the traveling exhibition dedicated to the series of Emperors of Light, exhibited in 2014 at Villa del Principe in Genoa, Galleria Doria Pamphilij in Rome, Palazzo Collicola di Spoleto and finally at Villa Necchi in Milan. In 2015 was held the Mater-Matrix-Mother, and in 2016 she presented the project Mitochondriaat the birthplace of Raffaello in Urbino. In 2017 the exhibition Fragile was held in Mucciaccia Contemporary gallery, and in 2018 she participated at the Macro Asilo with the artistic residence entitled #iosonogiordanobruno.

The artistic technique of Ria Lussi finds its soul in drawing usually performed with a black pen. It is a technique that allows neither afterthoughts nor cancelation. She loves to use different medium such as glass, neon and silk. These fragile but resistant materials are all characterized by a vibrant, almost inappropriate luminosity that express the sense of the fragility of human life; it could break at any moment.

Ria Lussi's subject matters are emblems of a real inspirations and plausible aspiration, archetypes between history and myth, literature and fairy-tale nomadism. Glass busts, neon sculptures, light bulbs strung on electrified frames, pigments on gossamer silk: fragile materials that require care and control. These elements are the traditional subjects of her work, she leaves free interpretation to the spectator, who before  them is allowed to free his imaginative fantasy.


Iosonogiordanobruno, atistic residence, Macro Asilo, Rome


Fragile, Mucciaccia Contemporary Gallery, Rome

La Speranza, II act about Giordano Bruno Luminous opera in three acts, with an epilogue, Giardini di viale  Matteotti, Spoleto

La Bestia Trionfante, I act about Giordano Bruno Luminous opera in three acts, with an epilogue, Masseria di Cultura Internazionale, Corato, Altramurgia, Altamura 


Mitochondria,  curated Umberto Palestini, Birthplace of Raphael and Botanical Garden, Urbino


Lussi di Penelope, Biblioteca del Daverio, Milan

Matrix, Mater, Mother, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive, Spoleto

Close Up, Primo piano sulla pittura italiana, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive,  Spoleto


Imperatori di luce, curated by Gianluca Marziani, traveling exhibition: Genova, Villa del Principe / Spoleto, Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive / Rome, Galleria Doria Pamphilj /  Milan, Villa Necchi Campiglio


Warriors of Light in support of Women of Madagascar, Galleria Rosso20sette, Rome

Guerrieri di Luce, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan

Death Dance, curated by Maurizio Cont and Gianmarco Serra, Forte Stella, Porto Ercole, Grosseto

Il Vulcano, l’estuario, Palazzo della Vicaria, Fondazione Sgarbi, Trapani

Excesses of an estuary, Mel Sembler Gallery, Rome


Orfeo,  curated by Lena Salvatori, Libreria e Galleria Ferro di Cavallo, Rome


Have a dream, Galleria L’Affiche and Galleria Tricromia, Rome


Baculus, curated by Studio ‘A87, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto