Dario Picariello

Dario Picariello, Errante #10, 2014, stampa fotografica a getto d'inchiostro su carta Hahnemühle 210 g, 74.5 x 104.5 cm, edizione 1/5 + 1 P.A.

Dario Picariello, Errante #10, 2014, stampa fotografica a getto d’inchiostro su carta Hahnemühle 210 g, 74.5 x 104.5 cm, edizione 1di5 + 1 P.A.

Dario Picariello, Errante #10, 2014, stampa fotografica a getto d'inchiostro su carta Hahnemühle 210 g, 74.5 x 104.5 cm, edizione 1/5 + 1 P.A.


Dario Picariello (b. 1991, Avellino), lives and works in Milan. He graduated in Visual Arts at the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Fine Arts Academy) in Urbino, and he attained a Master’s degree in Photography and Visual Design at the NABA university in Milan. 

The peculiarity of his pictures is the use of staged photography: using installed scenery flats he changes the appearances of the settings and the architectures, using all the expressivity and illusory capabilities of photography. The result is a photographic language characterized by objects and bodies very striking and full of mystery. 
Every scene is well built following a photographic direction, reduced in few essential elements, which unfolds itself through ancestral imaginaries. In his shoots stands out an examining approach towards the camera, which he exploits as a medium for conveying an intriguing and folkloristic view of reality. The artist has always been amazed by the possibility of reproducing a given place, with its history and its characteristic objects, in a sort of anthropological research. The result is a re-assembled portrayal of a place, using bodies, actions and, in general, his photography.
Among his projects, worth citing is Errante (‘Wandering’, 2013), which was born from his reflection on the book Sud e Magia (‘South and Magic’) by E. De Martino, through which the artist gives us a scenery composed of unusual characters and fantastic scenes. A compelling solo exhibition made by the artist is Mascarata (2016), held in the House of Raphael in Urbino, Italy, which focused on ethnical and anthropological traditions of the chivalrous feasts. Another interesting project is A fuoco continuo (‘Continuously on Focus’, 2018), held at the ‘TRA’ in Treviso, Italy, with a big site-specific installation. Among his last collective exhibitions there is 12 Artists of Tomorrow (2019), curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi at the Mucciaccia Contemporary in Rome.


A fuoco continuo, TRA, Trevisoricercaarte, Treviso, Italy


Officine dell’Umbria, Lucarini Palace, Trevi, Italy


Mascarata, Raffaello's house, Urbino, Italy


12 ARTISTS OF TOMORROW, curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Rome, Italy

Scusate il disturbo, PAC, Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy


We all punk, Mare Culturale Urbano, Milan, Italy

La città del sole, Bocs Art, Cosenza, Italy

You Can Do It and You Must Do It, Villa delle Rose, Bologna, Italy

Here3, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Italy


Finalist at Premio Cramum, Historical complex of Milano Duomo, Milan, Italy


Premio Francesco Fabbri, Villa Brandolini,  Pieve di Solingo, Italy

To Happen, Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi, Italy

OFF Course Young Contemporary Art, The Dynastie, Bruxelles, Belgium


Codice Italia Academy, Palazzo Grimani, Venice, Italy

Prix Italia 2015,  Sede generale R.A.I., Turin, Italy

AcademyNow, ME Vannucci, Pistoia, Italy

Corporeità, Monchi Zamperoli Palace, Cagli, Italy

Nutrimentum, Fortezza Borbonica, Civitella, Italy

Vincitore - La Muta del III Millennio, Raffaello's house, Urbino, Italy


Nuove Identità, The Ducal Palace, Urbino, Italy

Artefatto, Crossing over, Museo Commerciale, Trieste, Italy

Premio Internazionale Limen Arte, Palazzo, Vibo Valencia, Italy


Sankta Sango, Castel dell’Ovo e PAN, Naples, Italy

Vincitore - Premio acquisto Piero Guidi, Urbino, Italy


Random28, Sale del Castellare, The Ducal Palace, Italy

Porta Pia Open Academy and Residence, Porta Pia, Ancona, Italy

Expo Arte Bar, Fiera del Levante Bari, Italy