Daniel Jouseff

Daniel Jouseff, FLAGS, site specific installation

Daniel Jouseff, Wall drawings, mixed media on paper, site specific installaton

Daniel Jouseff, Border / pink / Satellite, 2018, oil on canvas, 116 x 89 cm

Daniel Jouseff, Black / Yellow flag, 2017, oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm

Daniel Jouseff, Camouflage / border / satellite, 2018, oil on canvas, 116x89 cm

Daniel Jouseff, Self portrait, 2017, pencil on paper, 64x45 cm

Daniel Jouseff, US President, 2018, oil on canvas, 100x81 cm

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Daniel Jouseff was born in 1975 Växjö (Sweden) and lives and works in Stockholm.

His artistic research begins with the great masters of the XX century such as Pablo Picasso, Martin Kippenberger and Sigmar Polke. His research is linked to his own life: son of parents of Palestine origin, who later moved to Sweden. Jouseff feels the importance of his cultural heritage to the point of bringing it with him and continually interweaving it in his works. «Crossing a border – Daniel Jouseff explains- is full of events and impressions. Show your passport, seeing a flag, crossing that physical border, from one home to another.»

In addition to his reflection on identity research and geographical transience, Jouseff is also interested in social rules. Here his drawings and canvases are created freely and instinctively, in which its poetry without rules, express the desire not to submit to any artistic subordination.

All Daniel Jouseff’s artistic production express the determination to tell the passage of a border and a territory. This personal reflection on the iconography of the FLAGS gives birth to this series, which is the result of a continuous and complex process. His artistic production has developed around this subject-matter, and has lead him to a careful interpretation of themes of origin and belonging.

In his artistic research he combines performances and site specific installations: in 2016 Transition and the performance entitled The Great white shark in Lydmar Hotel (Stockholm). In 2017 he held the exhibition Flags organized at Studio Rei in Lydmar and in the same year he participated to the shows, at the Konstnärsbaren in Stockholm and at the Bar Brillo of the same city.

He took part in the group exhibition Kaplan Art Expo and finally in 2016 he exhibited at the international art fair, Pop Austin International Art Show in Texas. In March 2018 he held his first solo exhibition in Italy, entitled FLAGS, curated by Louise Hamilton, at Mucciaccia Contemporary in Rome. Among the upcoming project there is Dialogues Lennart Nillson and Daniel Jouseff, an exhibition in dialogic form between the photography by Lennart Nillson and the pictorial-sculptural installations by Daniel Jouseff.


(Upcoming) Lennart Nillson | Daniel Jouseff | Borders


FLAGS, curated by Louise Hamilton, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Rome


Flags, curated by Studio Rei, Lydmar, Stockholm

Flaggor över gränserna / Flags over borders, Bar Brillo, Stockholm

Sah A-Nom / Good Morning, Konstnärsbaren, Stockholm


International Art Fair Pop Austin, International Art Show, Texas, usa

Transition, Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm

Great white shark, performance by Daniel Jouseff, Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Carsten Holler, Pop Up Restaurant, Kitchen Manifesto, Babette, Stockholm



Kaplan Art Expo, Stockholm